The Power of Small

Powermad Software has a small design team. Very small. But both our lead developer, and our collaborating artist, are dreamers, and we dream big. Our current projects are small, but there are much more impressive feats on the horizon.
Welcome to Hax, the contest where you get to prove just how much imagination, skill, and determination you have to reach the top. The world is yours, you just have to reach for it. The contest begins now.
Why spend the time making up an excuse you know nobody will believe? Lame Excuse will do it for you! Forget about plausible excuses! A Lame Excuse is what you need!
QuickFic is the cure for writer's block! Shake it, and it will feed you prompts to help you write a short story, a novel, or even an email. It can be used for serious writing work, or simply to play a word game with your friends.
Multi-Featured Message Board Software containing many of the features of similar products, plus a few neat tricks of its own.