No XCodeGhost Here


Powermad Software apps come with an assurance that there are no infections of XCodeGhost in our software.

All of our software is designed and built in-house - no outsourcing.  Our Xcode version comes from Apple's official developer site.  Any open-source libraries we use (for 3rd party development, no published apps use open-source yet) are from reliable places.

The appearance of XCodeGhost will hopefully be a wakeup call to any developer that relies on outsourcing to other countries in order to produce their software at very low cost.  With low cost often comes a hidden cost.  Always choose a reliable developer.

Hard At Work

Explore and solve games used to be very popular during the 1990's.  They were immersive and at times lengthy, yet there was still something simple and enjoyable about them.  Most of those types of games were pushed to the side by story-driven or movie tie-in games during the late 1990's and 2000's, and then a rush of MMO's.

We've been taking one step back and one step forward.  Our current big project is a new 3D adventure game made with the Unity 3D game engine, reminiscent of the adventure games of the 1990's, only with more modern game systems.  It's a large task for the Power of Small, but we'll get there.  And we think you'll like the result.

August Update-Fest

August is Update Month here at Powermad Software!  Each one of our current apps have been updated in advance of iOS 8 in order to maintain the shortest path to compatibility with Apple's new iPhone and iPad OS.  Additionally, older apps that lacked compatibility with iPad have now been updated to be compatible.

WeatherStorm has been updated to use the newest icons, and to maximize contrast between text and background.  The weather-displaying background images were cool, but we now admit it caused some readability issues, and have gone with a higher-contrast charcoal background.

Hax has had a few bug fixes, and has now been released worldwide.

And that's where the real fun begins.

We are now testing technology for WeatherStorm where it will become entirely self-contained, leveraging the power of iOS 7 and iOS 8 to handle its own WeatherPush Alerts without the aid of a server.  This should not affect things from your point of view, but it will free up valuable processing on our server for future projects.

And Hax is one of them.  Our first casual game is being prepared for full cross-platform availability.  It's a road we have never gone down before, and one we're eager to explore.

Finally, yet another road we have never gone down must be explored.  We hope to evolve by entering the exciting world of 3D adventure games.  It's going to be a long and difficult road to get there, but we must press on.  It's a huge, ambitious undertaking for a tiny studio, but we still firmly believe in the Power of Small, and we think you'll enjoy the results.


HaxOur first casual game title, Hax, will be released to the Canadian market tomorrow, May 15th.  We're releasing it to the Canadian market first in order to make sure all of our back-end server systems work as they are supposed to before releasing it to the much larger U.S., and then world, market.  The U.S. release has not been scheduled yet, but we have an aggressive schedule, and it will be soon.

Hax has a story, a theme, and original music made by our very own lead developer.  It will also be given regular content updates, which because of our client-server design, can be delivered without a new binary release, or long server downtimes.

The Hax release also marks the debut of our PowerKey login management system, a lightweight and simple account control system that will most likely be used for all our future server-based game releases.

Hax also marks the beginning of Powermad Software's most ambitious journey yet - into the world of games.  We're planning more game releases over the course of the year and beyond; all of which will be innovative, interesting, and entertaining.  Welcome to the Power of Small.

App Store

WeatherStorm Price Drop

As of December 1, 2013, WeatherStorm and WeatherStorm HD will be your choice at 99 cents each!

We have a lot of competition out there - weather apps are everywhere.  So we would like to make WeatherStorm, the one with the best feature set, more accessible to everyone.