What is PowerKey?

It’s a new proprietary login system that goes between our game server and our game applications.  It controls account access with as little fuss as possible, and then routes traffic to the appropriate server.

What makes PowerKey special?

PowerKey uses two pieces of data to identify you between our own systems: A session key, and an account key.  The two are related, but are not transmitted at the same time.  Both numbers are not related to each other, nor to your personal data.  That makes them very difficult to forge.

Why go to all that trouble for such a simple game?

Because the lead developer and owner of Powermad Software likes overkill.

How is my personal information being handled?

That’s just it, it’s not.  Only enough personal information is requested in order to create and maintain your account.  Obviously you can’t get access without at least two factors (login and password).  An email address is requested because we have a password recovery feature, which wouldn’t work if we couldn’t contact you to send it to you.

How else do you use my email address?

We might use it to contact you about game updates, system notices, or for support.  Powermad Software does not sell email addresses.  We currently have no advertising partners who will borrow them, either.

Where is your privacy statement?

You’re looking at it.

How will you protect my information from theft?

There’s nothing valuable to steal!  All financial transactions are handled by Apple via the iTunes store.  PowerKey is a game control system only.  It only needs your login, password, and email address.  If by some stretch of the imagination we do have some sort of data breach, we’ll notify everyone.  We don’t have a mechanism for mass password resets yet because, honestly, people hate having their password forcibly reset, and it only provides a false veil of security.  If someone believes their password needs to be changed, they’ll do it on their own.